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At the end of January 2021, Portugal entered the third wave of the Covid19 pandemic, which resulted in a second confinement in less than a year. After a month, it seems that we are managing to control the impact of covid19, but still without seeing the end of restrictions.

The closing of schools, universities and offices no longer appears as a new situation, but you are likely to feel down or suffer from “pandemic fatigue”. This new phenomenon, according to the Order of Psychologists, refers to a feeling of overload, for being constantly vigilant, and also a feeling of tiredness, for obeying restrictions and changes in our life. A study by the World Health Organization reveals that pandemic fatigue affects more than 60% of the world's population.

Read on to discover our tips to keep your mental and physical health in this difficult period we are going through!


Defines a workspace


Choose a area of ​​the house that will be your study/work station. It is important to know how to make the separation between personal and professional life and, during confinement, this division should keep yourself. A specific workspace always facilitates this process and increases your productivity. Working or taking online classes in bed, although it may seem tempting, is not recommended - it is a space associated with rest and that, for that very reason, decreases motivation. You can consult here some tips for a better working posture and reducing eye fatigue caused by long exposure to screens.


Plan the days


Scheduling and making plans is extremely important. Not only classes or work, but also playful activities. Plan your hygienic walks, trips to the supermarket or zoom conversations with friends and family.

Setting daily goals will help maintain mental health and focus. Try to make your goals realistic so that you can achieve them.

In the case of children, the weekly plan must be made together with the parents. It will help them maintain a routine with space for school, homework and free and play time with family members.

Keep in touch with friends and family

Keeping in touch with friends and family is essential and is just a click away. Communication with people outside the professional context or the same household is very important to share experiences, vent and combat the feeling of loneliness caused by confinement.


Healthy Eating

With gyms closed and curfew, it is natural that there is a reduction in physical exercise and mobility. Maintaining a varied and healthy diet becomes even more fundamental. This is not the right time to go on demanding diets, but rather to take advantage of this phase to create healthier eating habits. Being confined leads to an increase in the consumption of processed foods, snacks, cookies and other less healthy foods. Always have a bottle of water with you, to drink throughout the day and thus help control the impulses to eat less healthy foods.

Physical Exercise

Doing sport is essential to keep the body and mind healthy. Being confined, we easily let ourselves stay in the comfort of home without doing any physical exercise.You can take advantage of the gardens or green areas, close to your place of residence, to walk, run or even go for a bike ride At home, you can search the internet for several free workouts online (yoga, dance, weight training, among others) and also the possibility of hiring an individual instructor.

“Turn off”

The fact that we are confined makes us get lost in both professional and personal schedules. Don't fall into the temptation of reading professional emails at any time or even prolonging the workday. It is important to know how to close the computer and turn off the brain for a few hours. During this rest period, avoid listening to too much news about covid-19 or doing scroll social media for a long time, because everything this contributes to this pandemic fatigue. Take advantage of your time outside working hours to read a book, exercise, garden or just listen to music.

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