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Windows 11: Os problemas já começaram

Windows 11: The Problems Have Already Started

Windows 11 - Problems Have Already Started

Microsoft has already released its new software update: Windows 11! In this last article, we told you the interesting news of this version, one of which is the fact that if you have Windows 10, the upgrade will be free.  No However, the requirements to install Windows 11 are making it impossible to install it on many computers, even the newest ones!


Upgrade requires a 1 GHz 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of disk space, a DirectX 12 compatible graphics card and support for TPM 2.0 - the latter is the big one problem.

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a chip integrated into a computer's logic board to ensure the security integrity of the operating system. This module stores encryption keys, user identities and is the first line of defense against many cyber attacks. Windows 11 requires the most advanced version of this module, TPM 2.0. The problem with this is that not all computers come equipped with TPM 2.0 out of the box since it was released in 2014.

According to Pplware, “The problem even affects many Surface PCs, manufactured by Microsoft and released just two or three years ago. This is the case of one of the most ambitious models in the Microsoft catalogue, the huge Surface Studio 2. This machine is intended for designers and creatives, with a huge 28-inch touchscreen and where you can draw with precision thanks to the digital pen. Surface Pen. This powerful machine went on sale in 2018 at a price of around $3,500. Its users, however, will have to live in the limbo of Windows 10 (which will continue to receive updates and support until 2025), despite the fact that the machine have more than enough power to install the new version of the operating system.”

This issue is causing many users who have a recent PC and even compatible with the new specifications, to encounter an incompatibility notice when using the tool that Microsoft has made available to the public to verify that their computer accepts the update.

Digiplanet has the solution for this situation! Until 2025, Windows 10 will continue to work, so you can bet on a refurbished computer for a more affordable price, without having to buy a new PC now.

Until the definitive closure of Windows 10, there will certainly be other solutions besides buying a new computer. If you're looking for a laptop compatible with the new Windows, you don't need to buy a new one - there are refurbished laptops that are compatible.

If you have any questions, you can call our customer support and our technicians will be happy to help you!



Maria do Mar Sousa, 08/2/2021

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