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Boas práticas durante uma reunião zoom

Best practices during a zoom meeting

Best practices during a meeting zoom

If you've read our latest articles on Zoom, you already know how to install it and how to use its tools. To finish this "minicourse" on how to have online meetings, all that remains is to address good practices in a Zoom meeting. Online meetings are not the same as face-to-face meetings and, especially if they are for work, there are certain behaviors you should have so that they run smoothly. There are more distractions and it's easy to lose focus. While the scene of the dog or child of one of the conference participants entering the room can be fun, it can be inopportune and cut off a train of thought. Carefully read best practices during a zoom meeting:

1 - Preparation


Before starting the meeting, confirm that your technological equipment has a battery, that your internet connection is stable and that your peripherals work (microphone and camera). You should do this in advance so that your colleagues are not waiting for you to solve these problems during the conference.


2 - Choosing the ideal location


As mentioned earlier, having people walk in and out of the room where you are meeting can create distractions. Find a room in your house where you can settle in during the meeting time. It should be a calm, quiet place with good lighting.


3 - Microphone muted


This is one of the most important practices in videoconferencing. If it's not your turn to speak, mute your microphone. Nobody likes to hear that background noise caused by the sound turned on during meetings.



4 - Turn on the camera


There's nothing worse than talking to little black boxes with names. Turn on the camera and let the speaker know that you are interested in listening to the meeting. This simple step will streamline the videoconference and create more engagement with the “audience”.

5 - Virtual Background and appearance


We already know from experience that it is more difficult to stay focused in an online meeting than in person. To reduce distractions as much as possible, you should put a neutral virtual background so that the other participants are not distracted looking at your home decor. Finally, don't forget to look presentable - even though it's a video conference, people can see you!



The zoom is here to stay - large companies are already adopting the semi-presential or even 100% remote post-Covid19 pandemic. This paradigm shift requires people to master the technologies to make work as productive as possible. With the tips we gave in the last three articles, you have everything you need to master online meetings. Good job!


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