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Antecipa o regresso às aulas

Anticipate return to school

Anticipate the return to school

This year, don't leave your back-to-school shopping to the last minute!

According to the newspaper Dinheiro Vivo and the observer Cetelem, most Portuguese prefer to buy material for back to school with just two weeks of in advance. In a universe of more than 500 respondents, 48% responded that they shop two weeks before the start of classes. There are also those who wait even longer (34%) and only spend money a week before or even after school starts. A minority (13%) prefer to handle everything a month or more in advance.


We believe that, despite still being a minority, preparing for school re-entry with some calmness only has benefits! In this article we will show you some of the advantages of anticipating the return to school and how to do it in the best way!


First of all, explore the 2020/2021 school calendar. This year, classes will start between the 14th and 17th of September. The first 5 weeks will be dedicated to recovering the contents that were left to teach due to Covid-19 and the consequent homeschooling.


There are two steps that we consider important, before you start buying back-to-school materials: 

1st Step: for a planned back to school is to clean up the school material of the last year: take the opportunity to donate or throw away what you're not going to use, see what's in good condition to be reused and point out on a list what you really need to buy.

 2nd Step: Budget. Back to school is a time of high expenses and sometimes it is necessary to cut back on some extras. According to another study by observer Cetelem, Portuguese people spent, on average, €450 in the 2019/2020 return to school. By organizing school supplies purchases in advance, you will save some money, take advantage of pre-back-to-school promotions and even distribute expenses over the weeks leading up to September.

3rd Step: See if you can buy everything in the same place to avoid unnecessary travel and queues.


Avoid confusion and long lines

It is well known that going back to school is synonymous with many hours looking for all the material and books on the list, long lines and a lot of confusion. All this stress can be avoided if you plan to buy school supplies. Make the most of it while most Portuguese people are on vacation so you can buy everything calmly.


Save money

From mid-August, all the windows change to the theme of back to school and often the prices of certain highly sought after materials are quite inflated. If you ahead a little, you can get the same material for the regular price or even with the summer promotions.

These discounts are especially noticeable on more expensive equipment such as computers, tablets or printers.

Don't forget to ask for an invoice to deduct from your IRS expenses.


Computer choice

Whether for a primary, secondary or university student, the computer has become an essential equipment for doing work and studying. choosing the right laptop must be considered and sometimes it takes a few weeks.

Begin exploring options in advance so you don't get the time and be a hasty and exorbitant choice. Depending on the type of use, it may be necessary to complement the computer with a monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, flash drive or external disk.Don't forget the anti-virus!

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