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Repensando o progresso - a economia circular

Rethinking progress - the circular economy

The Circular Economy

Life has existed for billions of years and will exist for many more.
In the Living World there is no place to deposit garbage! Instead, materials flow.... One species' waste is another species' food, and energy is supplied by the Sun. Things grow, die and nutrients return to the soil safely. And everything works!

But we Humans have adopted a very linear method: we take natural resources, build and then throw things away. A new phone comes out and we throw the old one away. Our washing machine gets old and we buy a new one. Every time we do this, we are consuming finite resources and producing toxic waste. It simply won't work in the long run! So what to do?

If we accept that the cyclical model of life works, can we change our way of life so that we too can operate a circular economy?

It starts with a biological cycle... how can our waste build capital instead of reducing it? By rethinking and redesigning products, components and the packaging they come in, we can create safe products that will help grow new things.

Ok.... but what about washing machines, cell phones, refrigerators, ...? there we will be talking about a new way of rethinking things....a way of recovering metals, polymers and other materials while maintaining their quality, ensuring their usefulness after the expected useful life of each product.

What if today's things became tomorrow's resources? It makes sense from a business point of view!

Instead of the "throw it away and buy another" culture, we would adopt a "return and renew" strategy, with products designed to be dismantled and rebuilt as new.

One solution could be to rethink the way we view the ownership of things. What if we never truly owned our technologies? What if we simply bought a license from the manufacturers?

Now, if we could combine the biological cycle with the technological cycle, designing products to be returned to their manufacturers so that their technical materials could be reused to build new products and their biological materials used to increase agricultural value, and then these products are transported using renewable energy? Here we would have a model that would build long-term prosperity!

The good news is that there are already companies adopting this operating model!

The circular economy does not refer for a manufacturer to change the cycle of a specific product, but for all companies that form an economy and its infrastructure to come together for this purpose.

This is all about energy! With rethinking the very "operating system" in which we live.

We have a fantastic opportunity to create new perspectives and new horizons. Instead of getting stuck in the frustrations of the present, with creativity and innovation, we can really rethink and redesign our future.

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