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1. Term of validity

This "Member-Get-Member" program will come into effect on April 20, 2023.


2. Definitions

Member-Get-Member (MGM) Program  Program under the responsibility of Digiconta – Soluções Tecnológicas, Lda (abbreviated Digiplanet ), NIPC 500599050, headquartered at Estrada da Outurela, 118, Parque Holanda, Edifício Holanda 1, 2790 – 114 Lisboa, with the objective of obtaining new customers through current customers or third parties.

DigiClub - Member Get Member program name from Digiplanet .

Indicator - Person, customer or not of Digiplanet who, meeting the eligibility criteria defined by  Digiplanet at any time, has registered in the respective Program.

Referred - New customer who purchases a product or service from Digiplanet through a link or personalized code created by the Program.

Prize - Monetary value accumulated by the Indicator in your account on the MGM Platform of Digiplanet that you can use, within the conditions of the Program, to purchase products and /or services in the online store Digiplanet .

Discount Code - Code   associated with a link  that the  Referred must use to make purchases  at the online store Digiplanet benefiting from the  discount, thus allowing the attribution of an Indicator Award.

Link - URL to access the online store Digiplanet which contains the discount code assigned to the Referrer and which allows the Referrer to make purchases at a discount.

MGM Platform - Platform for managing the rewards of each registered Indicator where both this and the Digiplanet team will be able to know at any time what value has accumulated in this way as the Program rules.

Program Page - Page on the Digiplanet website where the characteristics, regulations, rules and temporary promotions of the Digiplanet MGM Program are made available.

Award Code - Code that the Indicator will have to use every time he wants to benefit from the rewards he has accumulated through the MGM Program.


3. Mechanism

3. 1 Each Indicator who is invited and joins the MGM Program by registering on the MGM Platform is assigned a personalized Link that Digiplanet sends via digital means (email, SMS, website, other), to the Indicator destined to be shared by your friends and acquaintances.

3. 2 Subscription is free and implies acceptance/compliance with the Regulation.

3. 3 By registering on the MGM Platform, the Indicator is expressly accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

3. 4 Only individuals over 18 years of age can join the MGM Program.

3. 5 Orders placed before joining the MGM Program will not be counted.

3. 6 Employees of Digiplanet – Soluções Tecnológicas, Lda cannot join the MGM Program.

3. 7 The Referrer shares the access link to the store Digiplanet containing the discount code with the Referrals, who visit the store Digiplanet through that link.

3. 8 When the Referee makes a purchase of goods or services eligible for the MGM Program at the online store Digiplanet where he entered via the Link received from the referrer, he benefits from a discount indicated in this regulation and attached documents.

3. 9 The Referee must always check at checkout (the moment before payment) that the discount code associated with the Link is correctly entered and that the discount is in fact accounted for on the payment page, otherwise the discount will not be applied and the Referral will lose the right to this discount.

3. 10. Whenever the Referrer makes a purchase at the Digiplanet online store where he/she accessed the Link or used the Referrer's discount code, the latter will receive a prize for the purchase, whenever it is eligible for that prize and the indicator remains active in the Program, which you can use within the conditions of the MGM Program in purchases at the Digiplanet online store.

3. 11 To use the value of the accumulated rewards, the Referrer must use the Reward Code assigned to him in the MGM Program on purchases that are eligible.

3. 12. The Reward Code is not convertible to cash


4. Eligibility

4. 1 All those who, whether or not they are customers, Digiplanet decides to invite at any time are eligible to become Indicators, provided they do not meet any Digiplanet exclusion criteria.

4. 2 All those who, fulfilling the non-exclusion requirements, receive the Access Link of the Indicators to participate in the MGM Program of Digiplanet are eligible for Referrals.

4. 3 Products eligible for discounts are all products or services from the Digiplanet online store and whenever the Referred makes a purchase in accordance with the rules of the MGM Program, provided that it is active and provided that the product has not been excluded by one of the rules defined in this Regulation.

4. 4 Eligible products to be purchased by Referees using their prizes are all products that are not excluded from the MGM Program, permanently or temporarily, as long as they are included in a purchase of a value greater than the minimum amount for applying the prizes.


5. Values ​​of Premiums, Discounts and Limits

5. 1 The discount attributed to purchases made by Referrals in the Digiplanet online store using the Referral link/discount code is fixed at 5%, unless otherwise defined by Digiplanet .

5. 2 In the event of cancellation of the purchase that has generated the attribution of a link/code, this will also be cancelled.

5. 3 The Referrer will accumulate EUR 10 for each purchase that the Referee makes over EUR 200 (VAT included), and only products or services eligible for the MGM Program count for this amount.

5. 4 The minimum purchase amount in which the Referrer can use his rewards is 200 EUR in the same purchase, not counting products or services that are not eligible  for rewards.

5. 5 The reward points assigned to the Referrer are personal and non-transferable and can only be used by the Referrer.

5. 6 The Indicator Link has no deadline to be used, it will cease to be effective when Digiplanet ends the Member-Get-Member program. However, the reward points are valid, unless otherwise indicated, for a period of 1 year from the moment they are obtained, at the end of which they expire.

5. 7 The Referral is not entitled to any prize, remuneration or discount when the Referrer uses his/her rewards to make a purchase at the Digiplanet online store.

5. 8 If the value of the reward to be used by the Referrer in an eligible purchase at the Digiplanet online store using the Reward Code is less than the total amount of the purchase, the Referrer will have to pay the difference to complete the total amount, provided that, conversely, if the amount of rewards to be used by the Referrer is greater than the amount of the purchase, the Referrer will not have to pay anything for that purchase, still keeping the remainder of the unused points in his account on the MGM Platform.

5. 9 Digiplanet is not responsible for outages from suppliers.

5. 10.   Digiplanet reserves the right to permanently or temporarily change the expiration dates, percentages and limits above, as well as the products and services eligible for  the MGM Program.

5. 11 Digiplanet may freely cancel the MGM Program with a prior notice of 60 days, and the Indicator must, within that period, convert the prizes accrued through the MGM Program.

5. 12. No alteration, regardless of its nature, to the MGM Programme, nor its cessation, will confer the right to any compensation for the adherent.


6. Exclusions

Customers who are at risk of fraud payments previously made in stores, customers who do not comply with the Program rules, who make improper use of the Program and who take actions will be automatically excluded from the Member-Get-Member Program with a view to changing the functioning of the MGM Programme.


7. Additional information

7. 1   Digiplanet reserves the right to suspend, at any time, temporarily or permanently, the Member-Get-Member Program, as well as to introduce any changes to this regulation, assuming the obligation to disclose the changes under identical conditions those of disclosure of this regulation.

7. 2   Digiplanet reserves the right to include or exclude products and services in the Program, temporarily or permanently change the values ​​of the prizes and/or discounts and the values ​​of the limits referred to in the previous numbers

7. 3 Participation in this action presupposes knowledge and full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Any non-compliance with the conditions contained in the Regulation may lead to the exclusion of the participant and the refusal of the allocation of the offer by Digiplanet .


8. Responsibility

Digiplanet will not be responsible for any fact that may be related to the use of the MGM Platform, any anomalies or incorrect functioning thereof, regardless of the causes. Digiplanet will make every effort to ensure that the member/holder retains the benefits of accrued prizes in the event of malfunctions.


9. Personal Data

9. 1 Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27/04/2016 – General Data Protection Regulation – RGPD, joining the MGM Program implies that Digiplanet proceeds with the processing of personal data of members.

9. 2 The communication of personal data constitutes a legal and contractual obligation, being a requirement for joining the MGM Program, the adherent being obliged to provide said personal data, if he does not provide it, there will be no adherence to the MGM Program and Digiplanet will not proceed with your request.

9. 3 Digiplanet guarantees the total confidentiality of the personal data of each member.

9. 4 Digiplanet , as responsible for the treatment, will process the member's personal data in order, among others, to communicate the benefits of the MGM Programme, send the link to unlock and redeem the prizes, send commercial and promotional communications of the products and services sold, data analysis to detect fraud or misuse of the MGM Platform.

9. 5 By joining the Member-get-Member Program, the member authorizes Digiplanet to process and store their personal data within the scope of the Program to which they subscribe, expressly consenting to the processing of their personal identification data and contact details and transaction data carried out in the online store Digiplanet .

9. 6 Digiplanet will process the member's data within the European Economic Area, and therefore does not plan to carry out any international transfer of data.

9. 7 Digiplanet will only keep the data for the period that is necessary within the scope of the purpose for which they were collected The period of time during which personal data is stored and conserved varies according to the purpose for which the information is treated, since there are legal requirements that oblige to keep the data for a minimum period of time.

9. 8 Digiplanet will store and conserve the data for the minimum period necessary for the pursuit of the purposes that originated its collection and processing, unless otherwise required by law.

9. 9 If the holder wishes to exercise his right of access, amendment, cancellation, opposition or limitation of the processing of his personal data, or revoke his consent, he must do so through the following email address digiclub@Digiplanet . en.  

9. 10. For the purposes of complying with the request for the exercise of rights in the previous number, Digiplanet in case of reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person submitting the request, may request that additional information be provided necessary to confirm the identity of the data holder.