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O que esperar da COP27?

O que esperar da COP27?

Nas próximas semanas, mais especificamente entre os dias 6 e 18, acontece em Sharm el-Sheikh – cidade egípcia na costa do Mar Vermelho – a 27.ª Conferência das Nações Unidas sobre Mudanças Climáticas. Mas o que se pode antecipar sobre este evento de elevada relevância?

Ainda vamos a tempo?

Are we still on time?

In the last article we talked about the climate crisis we are currently experiencing and the urgency to change our behavior. The facts and figures speak for themselves - many species are already extinct, countless ecosystems, such as glaciers or corals, have ceased to exist, the Earth's temperature is higher than it should be.
Alterações climáticas: só não vê quem não quer

Climate change: just don't see those who don't want to

We have all heard about the countless consequences of climate change - the increase in temperature, the melting of glaciers and, consequently, the rise in sea level, the extinction of various species of fauna and flora that are no longer able to survive in these climatic conditions, droughts , floods, fires, among many other phenomena.
Vantagens de recondicionados para crianças

Advantages of refurbished children

It is increasingly common for students to work in an interactive way, through the computer, with their colleagues and teachers. Homework or exams are often delivered over the Internet. In addition, if the student does not have a computer of his own, he will end up being left out of this dynamic or will end up using his parents' computer.
Vale a pena comprar um recondicionado?

Is it worth buying a refurbished one?

A refurbished computer is a professional range of equipment that was used for a short time, was recovered and put back on the market at a much more affordable price and, as a rule, with a 1 year warranty. Were you intrigued by the detail of the value being much lower? It's really true - and we'll show you it's really worth it!
Windows 11: Os problemas já começaram

Windows 11: The Problems Have Already Started

Microsoft has already released its new software update: Windows 11! In this last article, we told you the interesting news of this version, one of them being the fact that if you have Windows 10, the upgrade will be free. However, the requirements to install Windows 11 are making it impossible to install it on many computers, even the newest ones!
Os Jogos Olímpicos mais sustentáveis de sempre

The most sustainable Olympics ever

The most sustainable Olympic Games ever

During July and August 2021, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games took place (postponed to the following year due to the...

Qual a melhor cloud?

What is the best cloud?

What is the best cloud?

What is the best type of cloud?

At a certain point in our lives, we all come across a situation where...

Já conheces o novo Windows 11?

Have you met the new Windows 11?

Have you met the new Windows 11?


What's New in Windows 11


Six years after Windows 10 was introduced, Microsoft finally released Windows 11 on June...